Posted by Bulk Fabric on 7th May 2014


Minky Dot Fabric

What is Minky Dot Fabric?

Minky Dot Fabric looks like it is punched with a punching machine at regular intervals. It is made with 100% Fine Poly Chenille Yarn, easy to care for. You can machine wash it and dry it on gently cycle. It does not need any ironing.

Minky Dimple Dot Fabric

Minky Dimple Dot Fabric

Dimple dot minky fabric is available in a variety of charming colors, also available in Solid Minky. It can be used to make apparel like jackets, shirts, ponchos and sleeping bags for both kids and adults. You can also use it for home decoration and other Do-It-Yourself projects. Sofa and floor cushions feel soft and comfy in this material. It can also be used as a carrying cot or pram lining.

Experiment with dimple dot minky fabric to make blankets, stuffed toys, carpet shoes, leg warmers, and hot water bottle covers. The embossed dotted texture of the fabric gives cuteness to all accessories and clothing. Products made with dimple dot minky fabric make lovely so why not make something for your loved ones.