Posted by Bulk Fabric on 9th May 2014


Minky Solid Fabric is a cuddly and extremely comfortable fabric. It is made with 100% fine poly chenille yarn which makes it super soft to touch. Mostly this minky fabric is used for baby clothing like trousers, rompers, baby blankets, wraps, caps, and mittens. With a knitted back and a velvety surface, the fabric gives just the right flexibility to outfits. It makes stunning jackets, ponchos, sweaters, turtle necks, workout clothes, carpet shoes and many DIY projects.

Minky Solid Fabric
Cuddle Minky Solid Fabric

A number of solid colors are available to match with the Dimple Dot Minky Fabric.

Minky Solid Fabric is offered by at best low price. This minky fabric is easy to wash and care for. You can machine wash it on a delicate cycle setting. This minky fabric does not need any ironing. Itis ideal for day-to-day wear.